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29/05/2024 03:05:42
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Human Rights Day

The EUMM Field Office Zugdidi organized, in close cooperation with the Zugdidi Independent University, and the NGOs The Human Rights Centre and Ja – Čelovek a special event on the occasion of Human Rights Day on the 10th December 2008.

More than four hundred young Georgian students, as well as many other interested persons, participated in the event that took place in the Cinema of Zugdidi. The event was organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10th December 1948) but first and foremost to get together and talk about the important issue of human rights.

The event was moderated by a Georgian human rights lawyer and the leader of the Human Rights Section of the EUMM Field Office Zugdidi. In the first half of the session the EUMM and the Independent University made speeches followed by presentations. Then one of the local representatives of the Public Defenders Office (the Ombudsman) explained his duties to the audience and the Human Rights Centre explained the role of an NGO in a “human rights world”.

After a short break the documentary film “Bridge over the Wadi” regarding a bi-national school, Palestinian and Jew in the Middle East, was shown as an opportunity to instigate the subsequent discussion on a whole range of human rights issues. This was where the audience really had a chance to show its interest in the matter and a lively debate emerged. A lot of issues were raised and discussed, including a positive approach to the future well being and welfare of young people. Even the language barrier did not preclude a mutual understanding among all the participants. The session was closed with a hope that not only on Human Rights Day but on every day each person should remember what human rights are about and should act in line with these principles.