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18/07/2024 18:07:25
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EUMM condemns shooting incident near Pakhulani

The EUMM condemns in the strongest terms the killing yesterday of a Georgian policeman in the vacinity of the administrative boundary line of Abkhazia near Pakhulani.

The policeman was investigating the alleged arrest of members of a party of mourners when the incident took place. When EUMM monitors went to the spot to investigate, heavy shooting erupted and some bullets fell close to the mission personnel. It was not clear whether they were aimed at intentionally, but this action is unacceptable, the EUMM is an unarmed civilian mission.

The incident is being investigated by the Georgian authorities, but since it occurred in the immediate vicinity of the administrative boundary line, the EUMM calls on the de facto Abkhaz authorities to also investigate what happened and share the results with EUMM and the Georgian authorities.