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09/02/2023 06:02:24
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The EUMM welcomes the news that the Russian checkpoint at Perevi has been dismantled and moved back around 3 km to a new point at Sinaguri, on the other side of the administrative boundary line.

This follows recent discussions with the Russian Foreign Ministry and senior military officers about the exact position of the Perevi checkpoint, where the EUMM made clear that it considered that it was clearly located to the west of the administrative boundary line of South Ossetia.

The Head of the EUMM, Ambassador Hansjörg Haber has commented: “We very much welcome this move. The Russian forces in South Ossetia have for a long time refused to dismantle this checkpoint, in spite of clear evidence that it was situated to the west of the administrative boundary line of South Ossetia. But the insistence of the EU Presidency and of the EUMM on the ground has borne fruit. We hope that this action will lead to easier movement and stability for the people in and around Perevi village. EUMM will continue to engage in a constructive process of confidence building with all parties concerned.”