Rustavi 2 joins our patrol in Odzisi, interviews news Head of Mission

Head of EUMM underlines the importance of a direct dialogue between the parties, expresses hope for the resumption of IPRM meetings in the nearest future. Head of Mission, Ambassador Marek Szczygieł, accompanied by Field Office Mtskheta monitoring team, observed the situation in Odzisi. While on patrol, Head of Mission, in his interview with Rustavi 2, spoke about the current security situation along the ABL. 

Ambassador Marek Szczygieł commented on the recent, shooting incident near the ABL with South Ossetia: "We confirm that last weeks incident was followed by an intense activity through the hotline. We facilitate exchange of information, we are also actively involved in the process. Our monitors are constantly patrolling in these areas. This and similar incidents clearly show the need for direct dialogue. Dialogue can resolve existing difficulties and prevent incidents in the future. That is why we are trying to find ways to resume regular IPRM meetings in Ergneti. I am an experienced diplomat, especially in the direction of  conflict resolution and the direct dialogue is always the best way. I hope the parties will show readiness and we will be able to sit down at the negotiating table, including to discuss this latest incident in which a person was injured”.

In addition, Head of Mission spoke about humanitarian problems, locals face due to the closure of Odzisi checkpoint, underlining the importance of opening. "Such checkpoints are of great importance to the people who live in these areas. They were severely affected by the 2008 conflict. This time closing the checkpoint is a major obstacle to their daily lives. Those who can, should take this step in a timely manner. The people living here should be given the opportunity to contact their neighbors, relatives. They should be able to move for commercial purposes or education," he added.

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