Meet our monitors
I am fascinated by outstanding work of language assistants
Eva, 35, Czech Republic I have been working as an investigator for criminal police of the Czech Republic for 11. for 11 years. Although I was educated as a teacher, upon graduation from...
I admire people who live in tough conditions
Gabriela, 43, Czech Republic
I have been working with police in the Czech Republic for 22 years. Before we  joined the Schengen area I worked at the border with Poland and following the change I moved inland working...
People feel more secure thanks to our patrolling
Margaretha, 55, Sweden
I have been in the Swedish Police for 33 years. Last 15 years I have worked in Border Police, first in Malmoe in Southern Sweden and for the last four years...
EUMM provides tools to build a better future
Gert, 56, The Netherlands
As a 16 year old boy, in 1973, I started my carrier in the Royal Dutch Navy and six years later I switched to the Maritime Police and served on several waters in The Netherlands. Since 2000 I have been...
Each day is another experience
Tjitte, 54, The Netherlands
I have been working in the National Police of the Netherlands as a community police officer, coordinator and coach for 27 years. Before that I served eight years in military.  I joined EUMM in September...

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