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EU Monitoring Mission marks the International Youth Day in the village of Koda


On 12 August, the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia invited young inhabitants of the village of Koda in Tetsriskaro district to celebrate together the International Youth Day. The event was organised around the theme of the 2010 International Youth Day – ‘Dialogue and Mutual Understanding.’ This slogan well reflects the challenges faced by the young people living in Koda, both from the local community and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The process of the integration of IDPs into the new environment is one of the main issues monitored by the Humanitarian and Human Rights Team of the Field Office Mtskheta, which organised this event.

In a joyful atmosphere, young inhabitants of Koda were invited to participate in various team games, which gave them an opportunity to express their main views and concerns about their life. The main challenges that they pointed out were similar to the ones described by their parents on other occasions: unemployment, shortages of drinking water and lack of access to the internet. Subsequently, they took part in a discussion about youth rights and the ways that they can change their lives and work together for a better future. The meeting was also a good opportunity to talk about the EU Monitoring Mission’s work in the context of humanitarian issues.

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