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On 8 March 2011, the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia marked the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day with various events to acknowledge the strengths and achievements of women and raise awareness of gender equality.

A moving and innovative exhibition, presenting photographs of women living in areas adjacent to the South Ossetian Administrative Boundary Line, accompanied by stories of their life, family, career and dreams was inaugurated in four locations: EUMM Field Office Gori, Mtskheta School nr 2, Dusheti Culture House and Karaleti sakrebulo. The photographs were taken by EUMM monitors from the Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues Teams of Field Offices Gori and Mtskheta, who patrol these conflict-affected areas on a daily basis. The women’s stories reflected their struggles, challenges, strengths and achievements, often in difficult and demanding circumstances. Those visiting the exhibition were able to get a feel for what motivates these women, what dreams they have, what brings joy and happiness into their lives and what was the source of their inspiration. They also had a chance to speak to many of those pictured in person as th ey were also present at the official opening of the exhibitions.

Meanwhile, Field Office Zugdidi invited women and men to a panel discussion in the IDP Collective Centre in Zugdidi. The meeting started with the screening of two Georgian movies talking about the life of young and middle aged women in Georgia, which was followed by a lively discussion. The predominant topics were reducing unemployment and creating greater job opportunities, the increase of basic food prices, women’s representation in public life and the indigenous strong survival instinct of women to take care of their family despite many difficulties. Young and elderly women gave strong testimonies of the hardships they endured while pointing out how hard work, education and bringing up the next generation effectively could be instrumental in making progress in giving equal opportunities and access to political power to all.

In addition to all these set piece events, EUMM monitors from Field Office Mtskheta gave out roses to females they met during their patrols in Tserovani, Tsilkani, Akhalfopeli and Pasanauri.

All these events were very much appreciated and well received by the local population as a reflection of the EUMM’s commitment to these important issues.

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