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#EUinAction: working for a safer Europe and a more stable world

Under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the EU takes a leading role in peacekeeping operations, conflict prevention and the strengthening of international security. It is an integral part of the EUs comprehensive approach towards crisis management, drawing on civilian and military assets.

The EU’s military and civilian CSDP Missions and Operations are the EU’s most visible presence abroad, and at the forefront of the EU external action on security and defence. Almost 5,000 women and men are deployed in such Missions to help promote peace and security, provide stability and build resilience in fragile environments.

They are the faces of the EU’s security and defence policy.

Theresa, a monitor at EUMM Georgia is one of them. In this video below, she tells us more about her work:

This video is part of a series aiming to raise awareness for the work of CSDP missions on the ground. Other videos, and more information on #EUinAction can be found here:

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