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23rd round of Geneva talks completed


The participants of the Geneva International Discussions have just completed their twenty-third round. In Working Group I, the participants reviewed the security situation on the ground and welcomed the continuing stability and calm observed since the previous round. The participants reiterated the need to resume the Gali Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meetings and welcomed the positive dynamics of work in Ergneti IPRM. 

The participants also discussed the issue of Non-Use of Force and International Security Arrangements. Experts group have constructively discussed the draft statement of the Geneva International Discussions on non-use of force. They exchanged views and opinions and agreed to continue the drafting at the next round on the basis of the Co-Chairs’ revised draft. The participants also reviewed and welcomed the catalogue of Best Practices on Freedom of Movement from IPRMs distributed by the Co-Chairs during the previous round. In Working Group II, the participants reviewed the humanitarian situation. They exchanged views on issues related to missing persons and the possibility of organizing visits across the dividing lines for persons affected by the conflicts. In addition, participants stressed the need for special provisions in case of medical emergencies. They also exchanged views on the importance of preservation of cultural heritage. The participants held an information meeting after the conclusion of both working groups. The participants agreed to hold their next session on 25th and 26th June 2013.


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