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German police visit Field Office Mtskheta


On 21 and 22 April a delegation from the Police Academy Nordrhein-Westfalen visited EUMM’s Field Office in Mtskheta. The 20 participants were accompanied by Joachim Riegger, the Deputy Chief of EUMM’s Field Office in Zugdidi and leader of EUMM’s German police contingent.  

Mat Whatley, the Chief of EUMM’s Field Office in Mtskheta, briefed the delegation about the structure of the Field Office, as well as on the situation in its area of responsibility. The Field Office’s team leaders informed the visitors about freedom of movement issues and the overall security situation along the Administrative Boundary Line.  

During its two-day visit the delegation took part in a patrol to the crossing point in Odzisi and visited Tserovani and Tsilkani, two internally displaced people (IDP) settlements, where they talked to representatives of the Akhalgori municipality.









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