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OSCE Ambassador Gnaedinger visits Field Office Gori

On 28 of February, the OSCE Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Ambassador Angelo Gnaedinger, visited Field Office Gori. He was accompanied by the OSCE political adviser Tobias Privitelli. They participated in EUMM briefing together with Deputy Head of EUMM Ryan Grist and the Deputy Field Office Chief Florentin Dicu.  
Ambassador Gnaedinger emphasized the important role and cooperation between the OSCE and EU in facilitating the dialogue among the parties during Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings, and also, contributions to the Geneva international discussions.

“The objective information gathered by each of you on your day to day work, is the basis for our meetings in Ergneti and in Geneva,” says Ambassador Gnadinger while talking with EUMM monitors.

Ambassador Gnaedinger along with Mr. Privitelli joined a patrol to the Administrative Boundary Line to have firsthand information after the IPRM meeting co-chaired by EUMM and OSCE on the day before.

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