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EUMM organises roundtable discussion “Women in Power: Inspiration for change”

In the framework of International Women’s Day, EUMM together with the University of Gori, organised a roundtable discussion, on theme “ Women in Power: Inspiration for change”. The event which was held on 17 March was opened by the Head of EUMM Toivo Klaar and the Rector of the University Prof Giorgi Sosiashvili.

The event gathered together representatives of the local communities, civil society, local self-government, the international community, as well as students and academic staff from the University of Gori. They gave the voice to conflict affected women living and working in the areas adjacent to the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) to South Ossetia. The discussion was meant to encourage local women to follow the example of powerful women and highlight their role in conflict management.

Participants Ms. Manana Tvauri, Rtsmunebuli of Shavshvebi, Gori University Professor Eka Gigashvili, Ms. Federica Favi, Ambassador of Italy to Georgia, Ms Lia Chlachidze, Association “Consent”- Ergneti, Ms. Maura O’Sullivan, Deputy Field Office Chief, EUMM Field Office Mtskheta, Ms. Megi Bibiluri, Bridge of Friendship- Qartlosi and Ms. Miranda Kachlavashvili, student of Gori University, shared her own experience as a “woman in power”. They highlighted the importance of women’s active involvement to the public life of their own communities.

Also women’s role within EU and gender equality within EUMM was brought up.
“EUMM is fully committed to gender issues internally, within the mission members, and externally throughout the monitoring activities and outreach events”, said Toivo Klaar when opening the roundtable.

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