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Visit of Poti Municipial School Nr.1

Date: 10.11.2008
Location: Poti, Akaki street 44: Samegrelo Region
Time: 11.20 - 12.10

FOP Monitors Edgards PERIJS (team leader, Samegrelo Sector), Dimitrios TSOUKALAS, Georgios LOGOTHETIDIS and Doris VOGL (HR focal point) assisted by local FOP staff Nino MCHEIDZE (Georgian-English interpreter) visited a Geography lesson headed by Ms.Liana MCHEIDZE.

The school class consisted of 29 students (16 female, 13 male) at the age of 15 years.

Monitors PERIJS and VOGL gave a short introduction of EUMM mission objectives (oral presentation in line with EUMM press office interview guidelines). In addition, the functional terms "monitoring" and "monitor" were explained in more detail.

Subsequently, the students present were invited to pose their questions.

Subjects raised by students touched upon

- Perception of Georgia among EU member states
- European Union history
- European Union enlargement process
- Distinction between NATO and EU
- EUMM mandate in regard to SO and ABK
- FOP monitors impressions in regard to situation in POTI town

Summarizing the short discussion (app. 30 minutes) with the students present, it should not remain unmentioned that most questions touched upon the European Union in general and were not directly addressing the EUMM in Georgia.

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