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EUMM radio show concludes

In August 2010 EUMM started producing a weekly radio show for local audience. The EUMM Radio show was aired by Gori based station Radio Trialeti for more than four years. The programs were produced entirely by the Press and Public Information Office (PPIO) Focal Points in the Field Office Gori (FOG), including drafting the body text, selecting the music, recording and editing the material.
After the successful project was completed, the show was wrapped up at the end of the mandate 6 (mid December). EUMM will continue to reach out to people on both sides of the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) online putting stronger effort into social media.
Medea Japaridze, Administrative Assistant on the FOG, lead the production process from the very beginning until its conclusion throughout the years. She herself was also the voice of the show.

“German monitor Rene Schulthof was assigned PPIO Focal Point for Gori Field Office when I started working as a Language Assistant.  Back home Rene worked as a radio journalist and he came up with a wonderful idea to start up this show. When we recorded our first interview, he liked my voice and that is how I ended up to be the presenter on the show,”
- Medea recalls the first steps of the project.
" In the beginning I strongly disliked the idea of presenting a radio show, but soon I learned to like it. After more than four years it ended and now I miss it,”- she says.

The purpose of the show was to introduce EUMM, its mandate and monitors to the local audience.  Reading stories from the book “Another side of war”, which describes the experiences of civil population and cooperation over ethnical lines during the war, soon became important part of the show. Later on the show was focusing more on the news about the EU, EUMM and local events.
In her career in EUMM, Medea Japaridze has proceeded as an Administrative Assistant, but she still regularly provides translations of public speeches and carries out other demanding tasks. She is from Tbilisi and a proud mother of two beautiful children.

“I like working in EUMM. I love my colleagues. Also I feel that by working in EUMM, in my own part I serve my country and do something for the benefit of the future generations and people living along the ABL,”
- Medea concludes.

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