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EUMM expresses concern about the recent incident involving 16 Georgian citizens



EUMM expresses concern about the recent incident in which 16 Georgian citizens from the village of Gremiskhevi were arrested by Russian Border Guards whilst cutting firewood in the vicinity of the ABL.

A meeting on site between GEO and SO de facto authorities which was scheduled at short notice and which the EUMM was due to attend, did not take place. Therefore, EUMM urges all parties to discuss and settle the matter within the framework of the IPRM.

The arrest of the 16 residents of Gremiskhevi seriously affects the daily life of this village. At the same time, the incident reflects the wider problem of activities along the ABL which are likely to increase due preparations for the winter season. EUMM believes the IPRM is the appropriate forum to discuss the matter in order to reach a sustainable solution.



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