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Since the broadcast of the Imedi TV “simulated” programme on 13 March, the EU Monitoring Mission has been following closely on the ground the implications for security and stability near the administrative boundary lines of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The security situation in these areas has improved considerably since the winter of 2008 and has remained calm in the aftermath of the TV broadcast. However our monitors have witnessed the anxiety and concern of the local population for their security and safety caused by this incident.

During the event, EUMM was in contact with the Russian Border Guards and South Ossetian de facto authorities through the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism “hotline”. We were able to reassure them of the “simulated”nature of the Imedi TV programme and to verify that their level of alert had remained unchanged.

EUMM would like to remind all parties concerned, that this type of irresponsible programming has the potential to seriously destabilize the situation close to the boundary lines. Dangerous and significant incidents could have occurred. We call on all those with positions of responsibility to fully consider the implications of their actions in future. It must be in everyone’s interest to ensure that security and stability are maintained.
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