Press Releases

EUMM concerned about situation in Perevi

Number: 07/08

The European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) expresses concern about
the situation at the Russian checkpoint near Perevi. The Russian forces in
South Ossetia have persistently refused to dismantle this checkpoint, in spite
of the fact that it is clearly located to the west of the administrative boundary
line of South Ossetia. Evidence on the ground seems moreover to suggest that
Russian military forces will be replaced by forces of the South Ossetian de
facto authorities. This would further exacerbate tensions to the detriment of
the civilian population in and around the village of Perevi.

EUMM is also concerned at the reported death of a South Ossetian resident,
allegedly killed by sniper fire near the administrative boundary line. EUMM
regrets not having been allowed to cross the administrative boundary line in
order to collect information on the ground.

EUMM calls on all sides to prevent provocations. EUMM stands ready to
engage in a constructive process of confidence building with all parties

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