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Ditsi: EUMM calls for restraint

At noon today, the local residents in the vicinity of Ditsi expressed concern, as the installation of fences resumed at the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia. EUMM has been on the spot throughout the day. The Mission calls on all parties to show restraint and focus on local communities’ concerns.

Through the Hotline, EUMM has immediately facilitated a technical level working group meeting with representatives of all interested parties.  The meeting is currently taking place.

Since May 2013, inhabitants of Ditsi have repeatedly complained about the continuous installation of fences and consequences relating to their freedom of movement and livelihood such as lack of access to agricultural land and water. 

EUMM will continue to closely monitor the situation in the area.

archive: EUMM Field Office Chief Gori, Hans Schneider in Ditsi

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