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EUMM participates in 43rd meeting of Gali IPRM

The EUMM participated in the 43rd Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism, which took place in Gali, 22 February, chaired by UN. A brief meeting was conducted in a constructive atmosphere and addressed a variety of practical issues.

The participants continued discussing the tragic killing in Khurcha, which took place in May 2016. The modalities and further steps for cooperation were addressed. A case of long term prisoner was extensively discussed.

The announced closure of crossing points in Nabakevi and Meore Otobaia, and implications for local population living along the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) were touched on from both security and humanitarian perspectives.

The participants were encouraged to share in advance any relevant information including military activities in the vicinity of the ABL through the hotline.

The next IPRM meeting in Gali will be held on 21st March 2017.    ​
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