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Our “EUMM Monitor” N7 is available in five languages now!
We have a great news to share with our readers! Our latest issue of the EUMM Monitor is available online in five languages: English, Georgian, Russian, Ossetian and Abkhaz now! Armenian and Azeri versions will follow...
EUMM Georgia in cooperation with Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations conducts a cross-boundary workshop on conflict-sensitive reporting in Montenegro.
Last week, the EU Monitoring Mission - Georgia and Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations (CCIIR) conducted a workshop under the title “Journalism for confidence-building and conflict-sensitive reporting” in Ulcinj, Montenegro. The workshop gathered Abkhazian, South Ossetian and Georgian journalists for a four-day seminar to look into the specificities of confidence-building and conflict-sensitive reporting...
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